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Matt on Spotify

on August 01, 2011

If you have Spotify, be sure to find Matt's profile - MattHires - and check out his awesome playlists.  He's currently sharing music that he's listening to right now as well as a playlist of roots blues and country music.  He'll most likely be adding playlists in the future as well, so make sure you subscribe and listen!

Also, give Matt's music a few spins when you login and make sure that his music gets hits!  And of course, add him to playlists that you share with others.


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Old Port Festival in Portland, ME Sunday, June 12

on June 06, 2011

Matt will be playing at the Old Port Festival in Portland, Maine this Sunday, June 12. You can catch Matt's set at about 12:45.

The line up will include:

12:45 -Matt Hires
1:45 - Ryan Star
2:45 - Andy Grammer
3:45 - The Daylights

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Lincoln Hall Concert Review

on June 01, 2011

Alisha Espey at Style Bust wrote a great review of Matt's performance at Lincoln Hall, opening for Andrew Belle.  

"Matt Hires has so much character in his voice (think Mumford, Bob Dylan, Wilco, Ryan Adams), but at the same time, he has a sound all of his own.  With a vibrato unlike any I’ve ever heard before, his whistling packs a punch slightly less than that of Andrew Bird, but adds more of a soothing melody, I had no idea what just hit me.  He made it all look so easy."

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Live In The Vineyard Interview

on April 06, 2011

Matt will be performing at Live in the Vineyard later this week for a lucky few.  In February, he recorded this great interview for Live in the Vineyard: Uncorked.